Monday, August 16, 2010

World Between Me

The Story of a Butterfly

As we may or may not know, butterfiles ar the messengers of nature, not only adding brilliance to their surroundings but also pollinating flowers and revealing healthiness of our communities. Historically, butterflies have been revered in art and lore but otherwise they have been ignored. Today, however, we are beginning to realize the many benefits of these smaller wildlife forms.

The role of butterflies is important in our natural world. Their sheer numbers supply a vast food source for predators, and they are significant plant pollinators. If plants are not pollinated, seeds and fruits are not produced. Not only they are very hardworking and delicate creatures, they bring colour and fantasy to our nature.

What goes on above the Atlantic

Pretty amazing isn't it? Columbia's launch at dawn resulted in a spectacular display of colors as the shuttle climbed into the daylight high above the Atlantic Ocean.Many of us dreams about seing such an incredible view, even I do. thanks to whoever created a camera so we can rewind and rewind all the beautiful moments in life....

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