Tuesday, September 14, 2010

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What does `Horoscope` really mean

 We are all Familiar with Horoscope. As small children we used to ask each other: `` What sign are you``? Some children teased others who had a diffferent sign ( they often said: Gemini beats Pisces, Libra is  bigger and stronger than Aquarius..-you get the picture). But Horoscope is not about that. Horoscope can be described as a Future Forecast.
A real horoscope is a MAP of Space-Time - an "image of the hour" as the Greek root words imply. It is a chart of where the Sun and Moon and Planets are located in Space and in relation to each other, and to a particular place on Earth, at a particular instant in Time. You may describe it as a snapshot of "a particular place in Time and Space". If that instant in Time is the time of birth of an individual and the Space is his birth place, then that horoscope is called a "natal horoscope" or "natal chart" or "birth chart". When you ask an astrologer for "a birth chart" be sure to provide your month/day/year and town/state/country of birth (plus the hour/minute if you know).

 What the average person calls "a horoscope" is actually a reading of that particular map of Time and Space, or an interpretation in words of that horoscope chart's symbolic meaning.
Some people are concerned about whether this whole Horoscope thing is true. Well, one thing is for sure- If you know an Astrologist, who knows how to read Stars- it's true. Do not believe in horoscopes from magazines, because they probably have not hired an Astrologist just to read stars for them. You may think the horoscopes you read from them are true, that what you just read under your sign is true, but believe me - it is just a coincidence. It is for you to believe in them, to bring you Faith. (God, I feel like telling someone Santa doesn't exist) :)


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