Monday, November 8, 2010

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Mauritius - Heaven on Earth

Officially the Republic of Mauritius, an Island located on Indian Ocean and off the southeast coast of Africa. The main languages spoken there are Mauritian Creole, French and English. Only recently has the Island become independent (since 1968). Before this year, it has been ruled first by the Dutch, then the French and lastly by the British during the Napoleonic Wars.

The climate in Mauritius is typically tropical with the addition of southeast trade winds; there is a warm, dry winter from May to November and a hot, wet, and humid summer from November to May. The warmest months are December and January where temperature rises up to 36'C and the coldest months are September and August with a temperature of 16'C.
  Cyclone affect the Island during November until end of April. The two worst and last cyclones that affected Mauritius were Hollanda in 1994 and Dina in 2002

The Island itself is just Beautiful. Fantastic weather, amazing view and an incredible adventure. The island itself is a quiete and peaceful place, meaning that there is low crime and is very open to tourists and there is plenty of attractions for each visitor. From swimming in the warm Indian ocean to mountain climbing.

Their culture is  influenced by the Indian, Creole, Chinese and European culture. It is common for a combination of cuisines to form part of the same meal. You have the Chinese Spring festival- The festival is the Chinese New Year,  and is celebrated in January/February, depending on the adjustment of lunar days. And you have many other festivals including Hindu and Muslim festivals.

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