Tuesday, November 9, 2010

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''Frozen People brought back to Life'' study shows

How is it possible for a human, who had just froze to death, come back to life??
After years of examining and experimenting on living matters, the scientists are finally reaching the end of this chain of questions.

It has been proven that yeast and worms can survive hypothermia if they are first subjected to extreme oxygen deprivation. This bring a small conclusion that humans may survive too, after removing the oxygen.

Scientists have been experimenting on worms and yeast, though. When subjected to literally freezing temperatures, the embryos of yeast and garden worms do not live, researchers found. A full 99 percent of those in the experiment died after 24 hours of exposure to temperatures just above freezing.

But, when first deprived of oxygen in the manner described above, 66 percent of the yeast and 97 percent of the garden worms survived. Upon re-warming and reintroduction of oxygen, the "two widely divergent organisms" reanimated and showed normal life spans, said scientists in a statement.

This proof widely opens a gate of mysteries.  It can solve many reported instances of humans "brought back to life" after succumbing to hypothermia. Instances, such as no heartbeat (mostly known as being clinically dead) and low body temperature.

 ''Forced Hibernation'' is the right term given to this procedure. A human being may be put to death by first removing oxygen and then locating the body to a decreasing temperature area.

Human Experience with ''Forced Hibernation'':

Erica Norby

During winter time, the Canadian toddler, with the body temperature of 61 degrees Fahrenheit (16 degrees Celsius) laid for hours in below-freezing weather after wandering outside wearing only a diaper. Apparently dead, she recovered completely after being re-warmed and resuscitated.


Mitsutaka Uchikoshi

a Japanese mountain climber, who was discovered with a core body temperature of 71 degrees F (22 degrees C) after 23 days after falling asleep on a snowy mountain.

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