Sunday, May 30, 2010

World Between Me

Most Expensive Ring in the World??

Whether you are looking for a birthday present you want to suprise our fiance with a gift of her life, The Chopard Blue Diamond Ring is the ring that makes you want you live- and live real good:) Set with an enormous, oval-shaped blue diamond, the expensive ring also has diamond shoulders and an 18k white gold band paved with diamonds.

Blue diamond is among the most expensive diamonds in the world. It is found among boron deposits, from whence it derives its shade. This particular gem weighs in at nine carats.The world’s most expensive ring is valued at $16.26 million, enough to put a dent in the wallets of even the wealthiest individuals.

Underwater Robot set to study Deepwater Horizon Spill

The Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute's Division of Marine Operations, under an agreement with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), sent a high-tech robotic submersible to the oily waters of the Gulf of Mexico. The goal is to collect information about the oil plume from the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig accident for NOAA.

Although satellites and aircraft can help show the extent of the spill at the surface, MBARI's autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) will help researchers understand the nature and extent of any plumes of oil that may be hidden beneath the surface of the ocean. The MBARI AUV is being deployed from the NOAA Ship Gordon Gunter in Pascagoula, Mississippi. The Gordon Gunter departed from shore on Thursday, May 27th. The AUV was launched into the waters of the Gulf for the first time on May 28, 2010.

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Monday, May 24, 2010

World Between Me

Burj Al Arab Building

Burj Al Arab: It is well-known as the worlds only seven stars hotel, which is built on an artificial island. It has 321 meters and an unbelievable view. The architect of Burj Al Arab is called Atkins. Burj Al Arab has started been built in 1994, it costed 650 million dollars and his beauty can be compared with Sidney Opera House’s and the Eiffel Tower’s beauty.

Car of The Future (?)

Do you think this is what future brings us??

I don't know about you, but I sure do believe this is what our future children will take their dates for a ride. The future car will probably be designed like this one on the photo. From its look it probably drives fast and is comfortable:)

Queensland Islands

Queensland boasts an inviting array of easily accessible islands, where you’ll find unspoilt beaches, rainforests and superb resorts. The islands offer a unique holiday experience and with resorts in Tropical North Queensland, the Whitsundays and Southern Queensland, your hardest decision will be to choose the perfect escape. Whether you’re after a secluded romantic getaway, non-stop action, the opportunity to meet new people or quality family time, there’s a Queensland island holiday to suit.

Many of Queensland’s islands are fortunate to have the best of both worlds; spectacular coral reef and lush rainforests or national parks. Snorkel or scuba dive the World Heritage Listed Great Barrier Reef teeming with colourful fish and coral. Access the reef directly from the beach at Lizard, Green, Heron, Wilson and Lady Elliot Island’s, or discover the outer reef on a day tour from the Whitsundays.

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Sunday, May 23, 2010

World Between Me

The Maledives

Beautiful place- the beach, the water, the sun, the everything. Here, the nature makes the whole inspiration.

It is the warm wind that makes you want to breathe. It's the fish that colour the water. It is a reason you want to live....

Many people decide to get married here, as because the place is so unforgettable and breathtaking. The Maledives never bring winter, so the summer atmosphere just makes you want to fall in love again.

The Beady World

It may sound silly, but in fact, those little babies have a great magic in today's world. The beads are one of the most selling products and there is a reason why. Women love shiny items, necklaces, earrings, and what is not to like in colourful beads??

There are now thousands of shops that only open to sell one product- beads. And this is no silly idea. They are sold in huge amounts every day. Some people import beads from another country, like china or Africa, as because they are quite cheap there.
So if you are, however, thinking about your own business, why not consider opening a bead-shop?? Necklaces and braceletes were and always will be a top selling product in today's world.

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