Wednesday, May 4, 2011

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College- A Hit or a Myth??

So I decided to drop a few names below. These are some of the people who never, ever finished school. They either never applied or they dropped out after few months. This shows that even without a degree, you are able to be on top of the world. Check out who NEVER finished school!!

People Who NEVER finished college:

1. Halle Berry - Multimillionaire Actress

2.  Michael Dell - founder and CEO of DELL

3. Henry Ford - Ford motor Company

4. Rachel Ray- TV show Cook

5. Steven Spielberg- Movie Director

6. Mark Zuckerberg - Facebook Founder 

7. Bill Gates- Founder of Microsoft. 

These people are now one of the world's most powerful and most successful people. They never got their degree, as they believed in more. They wanted much more than a high paycheck every month. All these people worked their ass off, just to get on top of the world. Some had  ideas, and some were looking for one. This is how you win.

See, it doesn't matter what's written on a piece of paper. It's what in your head. If you can do more, or want more- what's stopping you? You go out there and you get what you deserve. After all, you have nothing to lose.  

This is just my opinion, but I believe that college will bring you stability and balance in your life, but not millions. Sure, you will get a nice paycheck every month, you'll go to the same job every single day, because you have to. You just spend say 3 or 6 years in college just to do this job.  Maybe after few years you will get a raise. But will you be different from others? Will you earn more than your colleague? How about millions? Have you ever thought how to get them? I did. And someday I will be there.

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