Saturday, May 28, 2011

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Black Holes- A place of no Return

Ok, so today's amazing facts will be about the Black Holes.  

A Black Hole is a region in space in which nothing, not even light can escape. So once something gets in, it can't get out.
The area around the black hole is called the event horizon. There is a huge gravitational pull going in on in the event horizon. Any planet, any star, or any light that crosses the event horizon, will greatly be sucked in to the black hole.

The event horizon is also called "a point of no return" as because anything in this area will be sucked into the black hole with absolutely no chance of escape.
Black holes are not strong enough to pull anything outside the event horizon.

In the event horizon (the area around the black hole) the time appears to slow down for the external viewer, but in fact it doesn't.

These black holes are formed when heavy stars collapse in a supernova at the end of their life cycle. After a black hole has formed it can continue to grow by absorbing mass from its surroundings. By sucking in other stars and merging with other black holes, supermassive black holes of millions of solar masses may be formed.

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