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The Beauty of Fuerteventura 

Ahh, Summer is just around the corner, yet I can feel it already, do you? Of coarse you do! Many of us are already packing summer dresses and floral swimsuits and have their flight tickets booked! Unfortunately, most people aren't quite sure where to go yet and are stuck sitting at home where others drink cocktails beside the outdoor pool or even better- on the beach.

Not to worry though, as I am giving you a great idea! I have gathered some great info about this island called Fuerteventura, and I am willing to pass on what I learned so far:

Fuerteventura is a Spanish Island located 100km off the northwest coast of mainland Africa. It is one of the many islands, all of them are called the Canary Islands. 

Fuerteventura is the second largest Canary Island. The largest is Tenerife, the third is Gran Canaria. Each one has a whole year of sunny days and warm winds.

It is also the second largest Canary Island and is the closest to the African coast. 
With 3000 hours of sunshine a year and over 150 long sandy beaches, Fuerteventura is a great destination for beach lovers seeking a spot of winter sun.
The island is characterised by its rocky volcanic terrain and many impressive sand dunes.

Food and Groceries

Naturally, the Island offers fresh fruits and vegetables, you will find a wide variety of sea food in many stores. One of the cheapest is HiperDino. These supermarkets are spread around the Canary Islands and are usually the best choice as they offer almost everything, from a wide variety of alcohol, to cosmetics, food and toys. 

The prices for the basic products are as follows:
 Euro1.50 for 5 Litres of water (yup, they sell 5litres of water which sums up to be cheaper then when you buy a small bottle)
Euro 1 for bread, butter, tomatoes, milk, juices etc (most of them are rounded up to 1Euro!)
Alcohol: A can of a local beer costs up to 50cents
For 1 Liter of Vodka or Whiskey you will need to spend between Euro10-15 depending on the brand (Jack Daniels will cost more, whereas the Spanish Vodka or Whiskey cost approx. E10).

So Food and drinks are really cheap there . What I would worry more about is the price of Sunblocks, moisturizing creams and all the other cosmetic stuff. Like all the sunny islands, they "feed" on these products. That is why they are very expensive, probably more expensive from where you live. I would advise you to go to your local supermarket and buy these stuff. remember- the temperatures are really high in Canary islands, so you need to make sure you are fully protected from the sun.


The people are nice and friendly there. You will notice that most of them speak English and German but this will mostly occur in the Touristic areas, such as around the hotels and beaches. I have lived in Gran Canaria for 3 months, and I noticed that the deeper you walk into the island, the more Spanish you'll hear. 


Fuerteventura is a home to the world speed surfing championships and its excellent waves and stunning beaches make the island perfect for the more active traveller wanting to sample some water sports. Corralejo is one of the largest resorts on the island and is perfect for families and couples seeking a relaxed sunny holiday. For an interesting day out why not explore the former capital of Betancuria or take a boat trip to the small island of Los Lobos with its beautiful nature reserve.

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